About us

Christ Ekklesia Institute (CEI) was inspired by ONE Body Life, San Francisco. It is created to further the vision, message and practice of ONEness among saints in Nigeria and Africa.

We are a family. We care deeply for one another, stand with one another, pray for one another, sacrifice for one another and celebrate one another. This bonding remains among our ambassadors. Christ’s love is the spirit that binds us and peace is the culture in this family.

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Our Belief


CEI envisions all believers in Jesus Christ fully equipped to express the diversity that is in Christ's Body and fulfil the Lord's prayer in John 17: “That they all may be ONE, as We are.”


CEI focuses on the message of God's eternal purpose: His people becoming manifestly ONE is seen in the building up of the Lord's ekklesia. CEI strives to make this message practical and highlights the three gifts given to each believer in John 17 to accomplish this purpose.


For a period of two years, we bring systematic teaching of scriptures to unveil truths centered on the Lord's ekklesia and the practice of God's eternal purpose. We make bold to say that our curriculum is unique. While theological colleges abound, Diversity in Unity, Expressing the Trinity What is CEI? CEI is arguably about the only Institute currently known that focuses on the goal of ONEness of the Body of Christ.


When new students are enrolled into CEI, they come with various baggage and “infirmities”: oh, my church is better/holier than your church; me, I cannot relate with that person because he attends that church; I need to do this or that to be accepted by God etc.,

Alpha Ekklesia


 An eight-part video series created to kickstart the Lord’s ekklesia among believers from differing perspectives and various churches.


A non-residential bible training program for youths, and students in tertiary institutions across Nigeria

Ekklesiology and
Christian Ministry

A 2 year diploma course to equip both believers and ministers alike to be actively engaged in building the ONE Body of Christ through the preaching of the Gospel of Peace.


Bringing together divided believers

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CEI’s mission is to equip the Saints for effective Christian ministry and to facilitate unity among believers in the Body of Christ. Our vision is to empower students to become ambassadors of peace who contribute to the advancement of God’s eternal purpose which is the building up of His Ekklesia

CEI offers a two-year tuition-free diploma program focused on Ecclesiology & Christian Ministry both online and on-site. Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics including biblical studies, Christology, leadership development, and practical nourishing and cherishing in ministry skills.

CEI has commenced the process of being accredited by local and international institution. This accreditation which is currently a top priority will ensure that our diploma program meets high standards of academic excellence and credibility.

While there are no specific academic prerequisites for enrolling in CEI’s diploma program, applicants are expected to demonstrate a genuine passion for ministry and a willingness to learn and grow spiritually.

Our instructors and faculty members are experienced Christian leaders and scholars who are passionate about equipping the next generation of ministry leaders. They bring a wealth of life experiences, Biblical knowledge and expertise to the classroom setting.

The diploma program at CEI is a two-year program, consisting of multiple semesters of coursework and practical ministry experience for On-site applicant and a one-year program for online applicant.

Prospective students are required to submit an application form, provide evidence of their commitment to Christian ministry, and fulfill any additional admission criteria outlined by the institute.

Yes, CEI welcomes applications from students around the world who meet the admission requirements and are committed to pursuing their calling in ministry and the building up of the Lord’s Ekklesia.

our alumni

Our Alumni also known as Ambassadors of Peace are spread across various communities in Nigeria promoting Gods eternal purpose as missionaries of the gospel of peace

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