Admission is now open for 2024/2025 Academic Session

Unity in the Body of Christ is a dear subject to many children of God and ministers alike. However, its practicability has remained out of our grasp as Christendom continues to experience more and more divisions. This situation has been compounded by the fact that virtually all efforts to foster unity have ended up in more divisions. Consequently, most believers have


developed an apathy towards the subject.

In spite of this, the scripture is clear that this is a critical objective in the divine scheme of things that must be pursued relentlessly till our Lord's Prayer in John 17 is answered and visible to the world. We cannot enough to fold our hands in passivity hoping it will happen automatically in the by and by. Today, men and women with a burden for the Lord's House must rise up decisively to take the bull by the horn and work with the Lord for the oneness of His Ekklesia to become a manifested reality in our generation.

Thus, Ecclesiology & Christian Ministry Diploma programme is put together by the Lord to equip both believers and ministers alike to be actively engaged in building the ONE Body of Christ through the preaching of the Gospel of Peace. As the Gospel of Grace has been preached vigorously and relentlessly to usher in millions into the faith, so also the Gospel of Peace MUST be preached in its correct context to reconcile divided believers into the oneness of the Body (John 11:52, Ephesians 2:14).

Are you one of those in whom the Lord has placed a burden for unity? Have you been crying inwardly and asking, “Oh, how shall Christ's Body be one?” Are you disturbed by the apparent powerlessness of Christendom, in spite of our millions, which is occasioned by our lack of unity? Are you sensing in your spirit the Lord's call to labour for the ONEness of His Body before His return? Then, do not hesitate; this programme is for you. Get ready for a revolutionary encounter as you join this chariot of God's move!


There are two Streams: Stream A and Stream B. Stream A is divided into 4 contacts. Each contact consists of one full week (Sunday evening – Saturday afternoon) of residency training, once every 6 months.Stream B is divided into 12 contacts. Each contact holds one weekend in two months (Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon) for the entire two- year programme

Course Fee

The programme runs on a full scholarship i.e. it has been fully paid for so as not to put any stumbling block in the way of all who truly desire this training. The scholarship covers tuition, accommodation and feeding. However, it is mandatory for students to purchase their copies of the textbooks:

  1. One Ekklesia
  2. One Truth
  3. One Life & Glory


Participation in all lectures, prayer and practical sessions is mandatory. Every segment of the programme carries a certain number of units. So, students cannot afford to miss lectures. This programme requires both spiritual and academic commitment. Each participant is to submit two passport-sized photographs along with their duly filled forms to any of the CETI officers


September, 2023 - January, 2024